WordPress – The Ultimate Content Management System

WordPress is fast becoming the most popular platform for the development of database-driven websites. Having begun as a blogging program, WordPress has evolved into a highly functional content management system. It allows you to update your site with new pages, new words, and fresh pictures without any specialized software. In most cases, changing the content to your site is as easy as blogging. And the best thing about WordPress is that it’s released under the General Public License (GLP), which means you can use it for free.

WordPress separates the content of your website from the style. The content is stored in a database; the style is generated by a theme. If you want to add content to your site, you can do it easily through your WordPress dashboard, which can be accessed in a standard web browser. If you want to completely change the look of your site, you can do it without loosing any of your content, just by changing the theme. Thousands of WordPress themes are available on the internet, many created by volunteers and available for free. The best, most secure, and most search-engine-optimized themes, however, will cost you a few bucks. Great themes are available from StudioPress for as little as $79.95. Even after paying a developer to add your company logo, set up your page structure, and configure your menus, in many cases you can be rolling for under $200.

I recommend WordPress sites to all of my clients, even if they already have HTML sites. Changing over can enhance the look of your site, give you more control, and provide you a significant advantage with the search engines. Call me today and allow me to share with you more about the advantages of WordPress.

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